Why choose Capital Net Bank Overdraft?

A short-term and quick facility that’s easy to arrange. Call us or visit any of our branches

Access to immediate financing to manage your cash fluctuations

A dedicated team that provides tailor-made advice and a personalised service

A safety net with a quick and short-term credit facility to ease your cash flow in times of unforeseen circumstances or temporary financing needs.

Flexible access to more cash flow

We know that strong businesses like yours need a healthy cash flow. Ideal for emergencies and unexpected situations, our business overdraft solution can be a convenient and effective way to borrow while you run your business smoothly.

Features and Benefits

The facility is linked to your Micro Business, Small Business or Business Account, allowing you effect payments even when there are no cash funds available in your respective account, thus avoiding unnecessary penalties

Payments into the overdraft facility allow funds available to be used again

Flexible repayment plans, based on the amount of credit you have used

Ideal for one-off purchases you can repay rapidly

Overdraft to be cleaned up monthly, and will be available for a 12 month tenor

Overdraft may be renewed at expiry, subject to request from customer

Zero processing cost

Apply for overdrafts from the convenience of your office

Low turnaround time for overdraft disbursement (48 hours)

Zero account maintenance charge

Competitive interest rate

Access to electronic banking products & services

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