Capital Net Bank is a specialist financial services group which makes loans, trades securities and provides advice and investment management solutions to a wide range of clients. Capital Net Bank is a provider of  banking services, asset management and invoice finance for both SMEs and large businesses. Our team of specialists have extensive experience working with businesses in a variety of sectors.  We can offer local and quick decision-making, alongside a personalised service with individually tailored packages and funding solutions that directly meet the needs of your business.

Do you need funding for plant, machinery, equipment or transport? Our asset finance products are cost effective, flexible and manageable ways to purchase vital assets with little capital. We can also help you inject cash flow into your business by releasing the value of your current assets. Capital Net Bank combines global capabilities with deep local knowledge to provide innovative products and services to meet the needs of its clients...
Capital Net Bank (CNB)

A business banking partner you can rely upon
Capital Net Bank - Ideal Business Partner

Capital Net Bank delivers the right solutions to Large Corporate and Government Entities. We help you maximize your business potentials through our wide array of sophisticated financial solutions, including overdraft facilities, working capital loans, term loans, bill discounting facilities, trust receipt facilities, contract financing, contracting and construction and asset-based financing facilities.

We have a team of experienced relationship managers and product specialists in the fields of payments, cash management, debt finance, treasury and trade finance services, to assist your business growth.

Grow your business today with Capital Net Bank Corporate Banking.
Capital Net Bank can make good use of your expertise. The same goes for your personal input, because we are looking for people with a variety of talents.

We want the best professionals, with independent personalities who like working as a team in the interests of the customer. Socially skilled experts who are able to build bridges from their own discipline to other specialisms. Professionals who take responsibility, show initiative and always think about how things could be done differently.

It's all part of your career at an organisation that wants to stay ahead in the banking world. Join us on the journey and become the professional you want to be.

Consider Your Future

Our professionals come from a range of different backgrounds, but also have a lot in common. There's no shortage of possibilities and opportunities, and we expect you to seek them out and grasp them. Because asking how things can be better makes you better. And because our customers also benefit from the energy and enjoyment with which you do your job. The result is that you continue to deliver the quality our customers deserve throughout the whole of your career at Capital Net Bank.

Give your business a new impetus and enjoy the advantages of our unique SME offer on credit facilities. Save yourself the stress and   apply for SME loan. Our specialists will provide expert advice, personalised service and bespoke solutions that address your objectives...

SME Scheme
Do you desire the benefits of a savings account combined with the flexibility of a current account? Our SME Accounts offer you these benefits with minimal restrictions. You can conduct third-party transactions whilst accruing interest on your account balances...

SME Bank Accounts
Get Export Credit, Overdraft facility, Bank Guarantees and other products from Capital Net Bank designed to meet your Working Capital Needs. Quick processing, multiple collateral options and competitive interest rates ensure that this is the best option for your business...

Working Capital Finance
We all have different needs depending on our stage of life, lifestyle, and the way we spend our money. That’s why we offer you a choice of excel account at Capital Net Bank, you select the terms that makes the most sense for you...

Excel Accounts
Are you saving in the short term to place orders for a supply or you intend to save over a longer period to fund future projects or ventures? Then our Business Savings Account is the right solution for you. As part of an investment strategy, it is good to keep a portion of your funds...

Business Savings
Business Current Account provides a wide range of exceptional value offerings and flexibility for all businesses with Corporate registration. These include Enterprises, Business Ventures, Limited Liability Companies. Sole proprietorship, Churches, Clubs & Associations,...

Business Current